Good news for non-EU citizens with the upcoming introduction of the new UK skills-based Immigration system. 

The authorities in the UK will be introducing a new skills-based Immigration system which will only be introduced from 2021.

This new system will mark the end of free movement for European workers to the United Kingdom and will not favour any specific nationality. Europeans will have to compete with all other nationalities if they want to apply for UK jobs and visas.

The new system includes:

  • a skilled workers route open to all nationalities
  • lowering of the skills threshold on the skilled workers route to include medium-skilled workers
  • no cap on numbers on the skilled workers route, meaning that business will be able to hire any suitable qualified migrant
  • the abolition of the resident labour market test
  • a new time limited route for temporary short-term workers of all skill levels, including seasonal low-skilled workers
  • an extension to the post-study period for international students

This is good news for South Africans and other non-EU Citizens looking to live and work in the UK. It will increase the employment rate in the UK and will provide more job opportunities to all nationalities.

In addition to the introduction of the new skills-based immigration system, the UK Migration Advisory Committee is reviewing their existing shortage of skills list and if the new expanded list is accepted, it will further create more job opportunities for non-EU citizens.