Country Induction and Intercultural Training


Key skills to global assignment success include recognizing and successfully managing the cultural differences encountered in business and daily life. Expats On The Globe enables expatriates to understand and embrace cultural diversity as key factors for a successful international assignment. The primary objective of our Intercultural training is to ensure that the expatriate, their colleagues and their families understand the importance of culture in the workplace as well as in day-to-day life. The training is geared towards ensuring that the assignment is a positive experience for the expatriate and their families.


The course has a focus on the individual and is facilitated in a highly interactive basis encouraging active delegate participation. It is customised to the individual’s needs and these are identified with a pre-course evaluation. The facilitator is trained to create a comfortable atmosphere where delegates can evaluate themselves and their skills, generate ideas and solutions to problems and plan suitable growth for their assignments.

Country Induction & Intercultural
Training Services

Our focus is on

  • Culture and Communication
  • Culture Shock and Cultural Adjustment
  • Intercultural Business Issues
  • International Parenting
  • The Training Spouse/Partner
  • Africa in Focus
  • Country Specific Information to acquaint the expatriate with the major factors that have shaped the host country, its history, cultural diversity, economics and politics
  • The practicalities of day-to-day living in the host country, housing, banking, domestic workers, relations in the workplace, politically correct language, education, recreation.

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