Halloween dates back hundreds of years and makes us think of witches, ghosts, devils, and hobgoblins. Over the years, the customs and rituals associated with Halloween have changed dramatically. Today, many of the young and “young-at-heart” take a more light-hearted approach and the colorful festival has become family-oriented celebration

As the Halloween weekend has slowly crept up on us, we should prepare for untold horrors and freaky experiences in our best, or why not worst costume.

Here is a lineup of some Horrible Halloween events taking place this weekend across South Africa, face your worst nightmares!

South African Horror Fest in Cape Town


The only event of its kind in the country. You will find classic and rare movies, literature, performances, dress up, a market and lots more. Of course there will be a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and many more. It will run over 26 October – 4 November 2016 at the Labia Theatre, 68 Orange Str., Gardens, Cape Town, more info on www.horrorfest.info


Mystery Ghost Bus Tours

in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

The Mystery Ghost Bus tours have been running for years and are a firm crowd favorite.

Cape Town 29 Oct – Joburg/Pretoria tour in Irene 31 Oct (Halloween Proper)

All other dates are sold out!!

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All Details & Video @ www.MysteryGhostBus.co.za Or www.facebook.com/MysteryGhostBus

The tour starts at 7 pm from a designated pub and ends at midnight. There will be walking and exploring so bring flat shoes and refreshments for the bus.

Keep in mind this is an adults only event.


This is the Kids favorite event. The Jo’burg zoo transforms for the night into a magical haunted forest with lots of fun, sweets and scary surprises to keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Dress up and visit the vampire cave, haunted house, the zoo ghosts and a spine-chilling cemetery with witches. Ride the haunted train to meet the “Animals of the Amazon” and scary anacondas. End the evening with the “Wacky Magic Show”, fire dancers and lots of other entertainment.

Time: 17:00 – 20:00. Cost: R50 – R80

More info on http://www.jhbzoo.org.za

Voortrekker Monument Pretoria hosts Halloween 2016

A lot more fun, terror, and eerie vibes await. Be afraid, this party’s about to go a whole other level of creepy. Expect 3 stages with various acts.

Adults only, not under 18 will be allowed.

The party will start around 4 pm on 29 October and end the next morning.

Dress code: Come as you aren’t, its Halloween and a lot more fun when everyone gets freaky together!

More info on https://www.facebook.com/events/293415071005578/

The Haunted Forest at Riversands Farm Village, Rose Road, 2021 Fourways, Johannesburg

A haunted forest walk filled with Goblins and Goons, scary echo’s of shouts and screams.

Discover the spooktacular Forest, where the haunted woods are not for the faint hearted, with spooky characters, scary noises, eerie fog and strange sights to behold! You’ll be led along a woodland walkway lit by festoon, where you will find plenty of thrilling treats and surprises that will be alive, for one night only with freaky fog, ghastly spiders and dragons, creepy eyeballs and pumpkins, spine chilling skeletons and menacing witches and wizards.

Children of all ages are welcome to partake in the festivities with ghosts and ghouls galore!

Starts at 5 pm and ends around midnight

More info on https://www.facebook.com/events/1662196014055256/

For the younger kids

Go trick or treating at Sylvia’s Halloween Market on Sunday, 30 October. Starting at 11 am, 59 Frederick St, Johannesburg, https://www.facebook.com/sylviasoutdoormarket/

or watch the Creepy Castle Puppet show at the Kinderspiel Theatre in Emmarentia, Johannesburg.

Many areas in the big cities such as Sunninghill in Johannesburg and most housing estates arrange their own trick or treating. Chat to your local community and take part in this fun ‘once a year only’ event.