Zimbabwean Exemption Permit extension, for scheduling appointments at the VFS offices.


Since ZSP permit holders were advised to submit applications online, from 15 September 2017 to 30 November 2017 through the VFS website. This means that Zimbabweans still have some days to make online applications.


From 1 October 2017, applicants were allocated appointments for the required submission of fingerprints and supporting documents to VFS. A total of 72 612 applicants have completed the entire process. The entire process includes honouring their appointments with VFS and submitting supporting documents and biometrics.


Due to the large number of ZSP permit-holders who have completed the online applications thus far, the Department has extended the closing date for the submission of supporting documents and biometrics to 31 January 2018. Therefore, people must present themselves to VFS office until this date – 31 January 2018.


The department hopes that by the end of September 2018, the whole project, including finalising adjudications and issuing the new permits will be completed.


It is emphasized that the 30th of November is only for submission of online applications. The extension, up to 31 January 2018 is only for scheduling of appointments for the purpose of submitting biometrics (fingerprints) and supporting documents at VFS Offices.


ZSP permit-holders are therefore urged to still complete their applications online, make the necessary payment and schedule appointments by 30 November 2017 at any of the 10 VFS Global offices.  The department reiterates that ZEP permits will be issued for a maximum period of four (4) years, effective from 01 January 2018 and expiring on 31 December 2021, notwithstanding the date of issue.


There is no requirement for ZSP holders to apply for permits outside South Africa. They can apply for mainstream permits in the country. ZSP holders, who want to travel outside South Africa for the festive season, will be able to do so. They only need to produce their passports with the ZSP stickers and their ZEP application receipts. 


NameMobile numberOffice number
Connie Peter+27 82 496 5827+27 10 500 0316  
Sunitha Jeewan+27 82 086 2229+27 10 500 0310 




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